Beautiful Joyce

What I love about Joyce is she does not realize just how beautifully photogenic she is. She was so easy to photography, so happy to pose which ever way I asked… a natural Professional! I hope that she enjoyed her photography shoot with me, and that these images are a great mother’s day present to treasure.


Kids with great character

Photographing children you get to meet some very big personalities! Christian may have been small but he made himself larger than life with his funny clowning around at the shoot with his sisters Evelyn and Joyce. I managed to get him for a short moment to stand like a king on top of a stool and then just let him be himself, as I think we can see from this series of images I took of him. The last thing you should try to do on a kid’s shoot is to try to mould them into someone different… let them be themselves and capture that personality. Cheers Christian! You were a laugh.

Three lovely ladies

A big thank you to the Corker Regert Family for popping along to my children’s studio portrait event. Pretty dresses, pretty smiles… great little models!  I hope that your family and friends enjoy looking at them. Thank you Alexis for your feedback  … ‘the photos are lovely! Just what I wanted from the family photo session. ‘

Zarina Bhimji @the Whitechapel Gallery

I went along to the late night opening of Zarina Bhimji’s exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery tonight. Loved this exhibition more than anything I have seen in a while! Especial like the film and sound pieces. Interesting, thought provoking, emotional images. Beautiful observation. The imagery combination with sound pulled me in to another place, another world. Though her images are without people, she focuses on the landscape of abandoned desolate buildings, and the gorgeous close up observations of textures of long forgotten files on office shelves… the threads that bind them together, and the play of light on cobwebs formed next to the bullet holes in Entebbe airport. Zarina photographs locations in such a way that a narrative is clearly visible without the need to show people.



Four days to go! Pop up Children’s Portrait Event


Only four days to go for the One off pop up studio portrait event in Kensal Green, London, zone two. This is taking place in St Martin’s church very close to the Kensal Green tube station, in Mortimer road. 19 February 2012. Get great portraits taken of your children with out the booking fee for the shoot. Simply pay for the prints and files you would like after viewing an online gallery. Sample print prices are 5×7 £12, 8×10 £20. If you place your print order within 7 days of the event you will receive an early bird discount of 20%. Book in advance and get a free 5×7 print. Call: 07973 625506 or email to book in advance.

Dance Photography

Whilst looking for images for my students on my ‘Time & Light’ photography course at Morley College to demonstrate shooting dance photography with just available light and hand holding the camera at about 1/20 – 1/30 second I came across these images that I shot in the national school of dance and arts in Havana, Cuba. I was so privileged to have access to photography this dance students in their lesson. It was GREAT! The energy, (and temperature) in the room was high. The live drumming vibrating through the air. These were shot back when we only had film and I had intuitively developed through much practice when to click the shutter. But, one of the first things I hated about digital photography was the delayed shutter time from pressing the button and the shutter actually opening. Thank goodness digital technology has improved on this… what would have become of the decisive moment? I hope to re-run the Time and Light course at Morley college in the autumn, as part of my other seven short photography courses and workshops, that compliment my continuous professional practice as a commission photographer. If these images should inspire you to go and dance in Cuba, then check out the very good Cuban dance holidays run by Kerry Ribchester director of Key2Cuba,

One off pop up children’s studio event

Come and join me for my one-off, pop up children’s studio event on 19 February 2012. Less than 2 weeks to go. Just pop by on the day, or book in advance and receive one free 5×7 print from the shoot. No usual studio booking fee, only pay for the prints and files that you want after viewing the on-line gallery for the event. Beautiful Portraits lit with professional studio lights. I look forward to hearing from you.

Great gifts for Mother’s day. The images will be up online for you to order in time for Mother’s day. There will also be early bird discounts on print orders placed in first 10 days. Examples of prices are 5×7 £12, or £10 early bird. The venue is located very close to Kensal Green tube station, zone 2, London.

Travel Photography Weekend Course

Looking forward to running my travel Photography weekend workshop next month.

This workshop covers three important aspects to becoming a successful travel photographer: planning, capturing and crafting your images. You will master these skills through practical assignments, visual presentation, and group discussions. Ideal for anyone who has some photographic knowledge or has completed one of our beginners’ courses.

The Times Destination Show

A big thank you to all of those that came to the Travel photography talks this past weekend. I am sure you were entertained by Paul Goldstein of Exodus travel, and that some of the pointers I gave will be of use. I hope the selection of images will also inspire. It was all the more fun for me to swop travel adventure stories with Doug McKinlay, about the highs and lows of a travel photographer, and the trickier moments we have found ourselves in whilst pursuing that next best image. We laugh at those near mishaps now, as we live to tell the tale. Thanks to Rough Guides, Time out, Conde Nast Traveller, Insight Berlitz and Thames and Hudson for sending me to some wonderful places. I always am looking forward to the next adventure.

Check out my small slide show posted here, 20/01/2012