To spin another yarn…

What I love about this job is one minute I am shooting a portrait in a pub in Hackney, or ferrying up the Bosphorus towards the black sea, then a summer knee-deep in boxes of 500 crochet blocks and a different sea of colorful knitting yarn…

I had a great commission to shoot a new book ‘500 Crochet blocks’ by Quintet Publishing. As anyone who has photographed a whole book before knows, once you hit the first scheduled day’s shoot it is full on. But working hard at it I loved the opportunity to draw on my professional past experience as an Art Editor along with being a photographer. I propped, pruned and tweaked my way through over 80 main shots. I dreamt of wool and it stuck to me whereever I went in this summer of 2012, but very happy with the results, (nothing to do with the fact I was off to Istanbul for two weeks afterwards : – ) honest!). Thank you to the team for inviting me to work with you. Everyone worked so hard.

‘Highly professional and endlessly creative, Lydia has produced just the right images for our projects. The books have truly benefitted from her involvement – the photos are eye-catching and perfectly arranged.’ – Margaret Swinson, Production Editor, Quintet Publications.

‘500 Crochet blocks’ search Press Publishing 31/01/2013 UK release date.


A taste of Istanbul…

Last month I had the great commission from Rough Guides to shoot their new Pocket guide to Istanbul. I was very excited to be going to photograph a city I had never been before. Arrived at my five star bunk bed in my very own hostel room, and off I went for 13 days traversing the different neighborhoods by antique red tram, the tunnel, electric T1 and ferries of various shapes, sizes and quality. Here are a handful of images to share the wonderful delights and food! of Istanbul: Click on thumbnails to view larger size.

Travel photography is seen by some as a glamours job… but the days are long, carrying
a tripod for hours, passing tourists sipping tea in their best holiday clothes. Then at the end of the day downloading, captioning, and editing into the night. But heck! I can not complain – the highs are getting lost in the back streets, eating the food you photograph, and the interesting encounters with other travelers on ferry crossings, hearing their tales of where they have just arrived from and their hopes to where they plan their travels will take them; swapping tips on good places to check out. Another late afternoon after getting my final shot of the day, I got to watch the sun set over the mosques and the Maiden’s tower from the Asian shore of Istanbul, whilst sipping my own sweet tea. Getting on a VERY local bus that would wind its way up through the hills to drop me off with a 20 minute vertical walk to a view of where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea. As the sun was dropping fast zig zagging back down the Bosphorus missing and catching wrong ferries to eventually arrive back to my Hostel to edit with a nice cold bottle of beer… or two.

The best bit is once home home, working through all your images, smiling and appreciating the opportunity you where given, and sharing my pictures and stories with my son.